Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello World of Healthcare Blogging!

Since I'm such a nerd, I thought I'd start a little blog for my nurse practitioner (NP) peers in cyberspace (or any others who may be interested, but I'm not so crazy to think this will be of interest to non-medical field geeks). Anyway, just when I thought I was finally in my comfort zone in primary care, an offer came along that I couldn't refuse and I found myself back where I belong - the hospital. Working as an NP is never dull, and with the changes, I have had the opportunity (a.k.a. requirement) to look up more "stuff" than I've had to in other jobs. When I look things up, I must write them down to help remember them (did I mention I think I have early onset dementia from banging my head against a brick wall in primary care?) So, I figure if I'm writing them down, I should share them with you, and maybe when/if the situation comes up in your practice, you will remember something we discussed here and can move on (and you can remember you read it here - on the nerdy nurse blog). 

I hope to come here weekly or at least bi-weekly and post some random facts (or opinions). Sometimes I may not have the answers, only questions, and I look forward to your feedback and opinions.

Please introduce yourself under comments if you are here reading this. Otherwise I will have no clue that you were here and I will feel ignored, my feelings will be hurt and this blog will be a mere dream...the dreams of a nerd nurse will be smashed. History. So, thanks  in advance for your comments.

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  1. Hello, my name is Cindy and I'm an RN working with a home health agency. I too used to work in primary care as well as different hospitals but I believe I have found my niche. I look forward to reading your blog and all your pearls of wisdom. :)